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7000 Ipswich jobs: Where they came from and how to get one



7000 Ipswich jobs Where they came from and how to get one

NEW EMPLOYMENT: Kloe-Jayne Thomas secured a casual job making and roasting coffee at Ipswich’s Dancing Bean Roastery.David Nielsen

WHILE almost 7000 new jobs were created during the past year, Ipswich trails other Southeast regions for annual employment growth.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Regional Employment data, 6700 more jobs were created in Ipswich when compared with 12 months ago. But the Logan-Beaudesert region leads the way, with more than 14,000 more people in work this year than at the same time last year.

Over the past 12 months Townsville recorded 8700 new jobs, Cairns 7800, Toowoomba 5400, Mackay 5400 and Gold Coast 8300.


Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli said employment growth was good for the community, but acknowledged not all areas would be basking in optimism.

“It depends on what sort of business you’re in as to the degree of positivity but certainly some business sectors are quite enthusiastic and happy with the way things are going,” he said.

“Other sectors are a little bit ambivalent or negative so certainly one of the things I would like to think is we can improve on that 6000 in 2018.”

Queensland had the highest annual employment growth rate in the nation at 4.8 per cent, followed by the Australian Capital Territory at 3.9 per cent and Victoria at 3 per cent.

State Minister for Employment Shannon Fentiman said the regional employment data was positive.

“Christmas in 2017 looks a lot brighter for families right across the state with Queensland seeing the strongest jobs growth in the country over the past 12 months and much of that jobs growth has been outside Brisbane,” she said.

For Queensland, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained steady at 5.9 per cent.

Australia’s unemployment was also steady at 5.4 per cent, while the underemployment rate dropped 0.1 points to 8.7 per cent. Ms Fentiman promised more would be done to support employment opportunities for Queenslanders next year.

“We know there are a lot of families still doing it tough after the downturn in the resources sector and we will be ramping up our efforts to support employment and training opportunities for people,” she said.

From January 1 the government will offer payments of up to $20,000 for businesses to take on mature-age workers through its Back to Work program.

Youth unemployment is also down across Queensland. The gap between regional and Southeast Queensland unemployment rates also narrowed in the past year from 2.3 points in November last year to 1.4 points in November this year.

Barista’s cup of success

WALK the streets, approach employers and show them how eager you are to be hired for a job.

Those tips come straight from new Ipswich coffee specialist, Kloe-Jayne Thomas.

This year Ms Thomas secured a job at Dancing Bean Roastery on Brisbane Street.

A personal situation saw the 25-year old return to Ipswich from Melbourne earlier this year, forcing her to look for employment.

It took about four weeks for her to find the casual job, which she hopes will eventually lead to more hours.

“There are a lot of jobs advertised that are around, it’s just about approaching them in the right way and presenting yourself in the right way I think is the hardest part,” she said.

“Don’t give up, just keep looking.”

She described the search for work in Ipswich as “pretty cruisey”.

“I spent two days a week walking around handing out resumes and I’d do a little bit online as well,” she said.

“I think face-to-face interaction is really good.

“If you’ve been in once and you really like the place go back and show your face and say, I was here last week and I want to let you know I’m still really keen – even if it’s just one day a week.”

A growing customer base and persistence by Ms Thomas meant managers of the roastery were happy to give her a casual job.

Coming from Melbourne, it is no surprise Ms Thomas can make a good coffee – but she said working at Dancing Bean Roastery had expanded her skills.

“I’ve worked in hospitality making coffee for the last seven or eight years so when I saw a local roastery here I thought it could really be a great opportunity just to learn a lot more about coffee,” she said.

Ms Thomas acknowledged the transition out of eateries to more permanent employment could be tough.

“I think hospitality skills aren’t as well recognised in other industries as I feel like they could or should be,” she said.

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Where jobs are being created this year



ipswich employment

JOBS DRIVE: Blair MP Shayne Neumann said hundreds of jobs would be created in in infrastructure projects.

MORE than 2000 jobs will eventuate in Ipswich this year.

They’re available through massive road infrastructure projects, a billion-dollar RAAF build, international grocery store construction and even in small local business.

Blair MP Shayne Neumann said among the most significant jobs drive was jointly-funded highway upgrades.

Stage one of the Darra to Rocklea upgrade on the Ipswich Motorway, a three kilometre stretch, needs 470 workers to get the job done in time for the 2020 deadline.

Pre-tendering is already finished and the final design work will be finished by the middle of the year.

“During the life of the project, everything from stop and go signallers, engineers, tradesmen and women and all manner of experienced construction personnel will be needed,” Mr Neumann said. “That will offer a broad range of jobs and there will also be apprenticeships offered. It’s a really good project for job creation in the area.

“That’s not the final area, more jobs will be created when the rest of the six kilometre project is completed.” Mr Nuemann said the billion-dollar RAAF Base Amberley project supported another 1500 contracting staff.

He said the increase in staff travelling to and from the site would put increased demand on regional road infrastructure and present a strong case for the Willowbank interchange upgrade.

“We’re talking about 1500 contracting staff working on infrastructure projects through the expansion of real air capacity and the old buildings. It’s a major expansion with more platforms for Super Hornets and the like,” he said.

“The critical thing now is to upgrade the Willowbank interchange from Ebenezer to Yamanto, it is critical that happens. “We’re talking about 10 projects in the pipeline over a four-year period and you can’t build that and expect that the road infrastructure can cope.”

Mr Neumann said smaller local council projects were responsible for fostering jobs growth in sectors like hospitality and tourism.

“I am supporting Ipswich City Council’s attempt to upgrade John St in Rosewood. It is a beautiful little country town but there are lot of things that can be done to enhance it, that’s why the John St upgrade is important,” he said.

“Not only will it creat jobs but tourism and economic development in the region.

“We can’t end up in a situation where Ipswich is just a commuter city of Brisbane where the jobs aren’t local. It is critical that the jobs be created in the Ipswich region otherwise we are going to clog up the motorways and public transport and people will have the same problem as in Western Sydney.

“To prevent that we need to create jobs locally.”

Meanwhile, at Bundamba, 280 new jobs have been promised as American warehouse giant Costco lodged plans to Ipswich City Council for a 6.5ha site development.

With plans to join the international business at Walker Corporation’s $1 billion Citiswitch business park, World Gym manager Dominic Edwards has plenty of jobs on offer for fit workers.

He’s one of many small business owners in Ipswich with plans to open a new site or expand their employee list tjis year.

Jobs available right now

COMPANIES and local business are looking for staff complete their work force in 2018.

Jobs in meatworks, taxi companies and real estate agents are open to applications now and some boast attractive bonuses.

  • Meatworkers

Labourers, boners, slicers and butchers are needed at the JBS plant at Dinmore.

This is a great opportunity to enter a career at the ground floor with endless opportunity and a great chance to earn good money, the ad read.

Resumes should be forwarded to or drop it off at the guard house.

  • Taxi drivers

Positions are available for taxi drivers in Ipswich.

Full time and part time work is available with no experience necessary.

Weekend and week day courses are starting now. To book call 3281 2997.

  • Real estate professional

A real estate professional is required for Lockyer, Somerset and north western Ipswich areas.

Send a CV and resume with a current real estate registration number to the principal, PO Box 7231 Redland Bay Qld 4165.

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Ipswich’s building boom lures tradies looking for work



ipswich employment

THE construction boom in Ipswich is luring tradesmen from across southeast Queensland to the region for work.

According to the Ipswich City Council’s Planning and Development September quarter Activity Report, the city’s population and building approvals had grown.

During the September 2017 quarter the council approved 1144 new residential lots.

This compares to 597 in the previous quarter and 1127 lots approved in the same quarter last year.

Comparatively, 468 lots were approved in the September 2012 quarter.

The building boom across the suburbs has created endless work for Mak Construction and Renovations.

Owner, Marc Berry, agreed activity in the housing market had skyrocketed in the past year – luring workers from other regions to the west.

“Other tradesmen from the Gold Coast and other places are coming to work because there’s plenty of work around,” he said.

“Everywhere I look around there’s just renovations, extensions and the new-home market is just booming.

Mr Berry, who is juggling the tool belt and a new baby, estimated the surge in activity had occurred over the past year.

The high demand and limited supply has led Ipswich builders to join forces and get the job done.

“Talking to other builders, a lot of them will work together,” Mr Perry said.

“If they’re all too busy they’ll ring the next guy and so it seems to be a bit of a domino effect.

“People who ring up wanting to get work done, they’re finding it hard to get builders.”

Mr Berry said the boom had provided a range of work for Mak Construction and Renovations.

At Booval, the company has raised and shifted a Queenslander home to construct a back deck and an internal ground floor.

Mr Berry said other common projects included bathrooms, new homes and general renovations.

“With Ripley going ahead it’s one of the fastest growing corridors around, Ipswich is cruising along really good,” he said.

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Massive growth in Ipswich business sector, chamber says



ipswich business, employment


BUSINESS is booming in Ipswich.

New businesses open every week and while not all make it, the sector is growing rapidly along with the city’s population.

The arrival of US grocery giant Costco in late 2018 is tipped to bring a surge in business opportunities, but Ipswich is already thriving on its own.

There are a few key areas of growth including food agribusiness and hospitality.

Ipswich consumers are showing there’s plenty of space for new hair and beauty businesses too.

Membership in the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce and Industry is growing at a rate of 26% year on year.

While there’s diversity among the new businesses, according to the Chamber of Commerce there are two particular types swelling the membership ranks.

Chamber president Phillip Bell said retail services, such as hair and beauty, and professional services related to businesses, including financial services and bookkeeping, had seen a big boost.

“Our membership is continuing to grow in strength every year,” Mr Bell said.

“Although more than 60% of our new members fall into two categories, we are also seeing growth in food agribusiness and hospitality.

“We identified this significant growth about six months ago – we’ve been in a cycle of growth.”

In just one month, the QT has published stories on more than six new businesses.

Two new nightclubs have also just opened in the Top of Town with more CBD watering holes rumoured to be on the way.

According to Ipswich City Council’s last annual report, in 2015-2016 there were 7,946 local businesses within the city limits.

Some of those new businesses are the result of innovation as struggling operators seize the opportunities in front of them rather than allowing their business to slowly collapse.

Mr Bell said there were multiple factors driving the growth including the affordability of doing business in this region.

“It’s not just about the low rent costs, it’s that you don’t have to go outside the region to access other markets,” Mr Bell said.

“I keep reminding people that here, we have excellent access to markets.

“We are between three major international airports at Wellcamp, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

“We will have great supply lines via the second Toowoomba Range Crossing, as well as the major highways, and freight and logistic hubs.”

Ready to start a business?

Running your own business can be a rewarding experience. It can also mean exposure to new risks, long hours, hard work and frequent challenges. Before you start your business, it is important that you consider the reality, and the challenges, of running a business. See for more information or to speak to someone locally.

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