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BIG STINK: $1 billion plan to resolve Ipswich’s waste issue



ipswich infrastructure

WASTE NOT: Landfill sites, such as this one in Ipswich, would become a source of electricity under a proposal to build a waste-to-energy plant in Ipswich.

THE disgusting stench that has plagued Ipswich residents for years would disappear under this man’s $1 billion, job creating project.

Independent candidate for Bundamba Trevor Judd has been silent so far in the election campaign but now the tradie has revealed his grand pitch to the people of Ipswich.

It’s not a series of policies either, but one big pitch – supported by engineers and CEOs – that could eliminate Ipswich’s dumping problem, turning the stench into energy, while creating jobs and cutting power bills.

Mr Judd, a 62-year-old Brassall resident and air conditioning mechanic, wants to build a power plant fuelled by burning rubbish.

It’s an industry, described by the CSIRO as clean and efficient, that already exists in the Americas and Europe.

A similar, although not as detailed, idea has been put forward by The Greens candidate for Ipswich Brett Morrissey.

ipswich infrastructure

Trevor Judd, independent candidate for Bundamba, says his proposal would create hundreds of jobs.

But Mr Judd has been hatching his plan to build a waste-to-energy plant for almost a year.

The goal is to build and operate a plant that would create about 1000 construction jobs, 60 to 80 full-time positions, and consume 1 million tonnes of rubbish, such as household waste, each year.

He estimates the project’s worth at $1 billion with a plant that could process 1 million tonnes of waste each year.

Mr Judd says material put into landfill can easily be harvested and used in electricity production, alleviating the unpleasant smell many have been forced to live with.

The State Government has reportedly been investigating the source of the stench since at least 2013 but among residents, the smell is widely believed to be arising from decomposing waste at the large landfill sites.

Engineer Andrew Hedges says to build the plant, between 8-10 hectares of land would be needed.

Mr Hedges explained that while the technology is not in use in Australia and is still considered ’emerging’, it’s not new.

“It’s essentially the same process as a coal fired power station,” Mr Hedges said.

“You burn the garbage to create heat, which boils the water in the boiler to create steam. The steam drives the turbine, to generate electricity.

“All we’d be doing differently is burning waste instead of burning coal.

“The problem is you need more waste than coal.”

Mr Hedges has calculated the amount of rubbish already coming into southeast Queensland and there is enough to fuel the proposed plant.

“In the Brisbane area alone there is about 2.7 million tonnes of urban waste per year available (not including construction or agricultural waste),” Mr Hedges said. “The useable part is just over 760,000 tonnes per year.

“At the moment that’s just going straight into landfill.”

Mr Judd said the people of Bundamba, where he believed this idea would be most relevant, had identified the smell, the volume of trucks, the cost of electricity and unemployment as the major issues for the area.

“I chose the seat of Bundamba to represent because I can see the problems associated with the area from an outsider’s perspective,” Mr Judd said.

“The end result would be less landfill, less greenhouse gas, more electricity and jobs for locals.”

Mr Judd has been in contact with Francois Screve, president and founder of Deltaway, a company which delivers waste-to-energy power plants around the world.

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BUDGET: Cash splashed to fix Ipswich’s congested highway  



Cash splashed to fix Ipswich's congested highway
 The Cunningham Highway will receive a $170 million boost by the Federal Government. David Nielsen

ONE of Ipswich’s worst intersections will be fixed with the Federal Government committing to fund an upgrade to the Cunningham Highway.
In his third budget, Treasurer Scott Morrison revealed $170 million would go towards improving the dreaded Amberley Interchange.

The project will include a realignment of the highway between Yamanto and Ebenezer Creek and an upgrade of the Ipswich-Rosewood Rd.

For several decades the section of road has been on the region’s infrastructure wishlist.

Expansions and growing military activity at RAAF Base Amberley has put pressure on the interchange.

The $170 million funding injection also comes as the Ipswich City Council considers a proposal from Lantrak to move 1 million tonnes of landfill each year to rehabilitate the New Hope coal mine at Jeebropilly.

According to the application more than 250 heavy vehicles would transit the highway each day.

The government says the Cunningham Highway upgrade will “improve travel reliability and reduce congestion”.

It is expected the Queensland Labor Government will match the funding to start the $340 million project.

Federal Labor MP Shayne Neumann confirmed his party would offer bipartisan support and also commit to fixing the highway in a “major boost for the economic capacity of the Ipswich region”.

“The road takes 2700 heavy vehicle movements a day, and plays a significant role in transporting people and freight between Brisbane and Sydney,” he said.

“These vital upgrades to the Cunningham Highway have long been identified on Infrastructure Australia’s Infrastructure Priority List.

“That’s why it’s disappointing the Turnbull LNP Government have had to be dragged kicking and screaming to fund this project.”

Become an entrepreneur

OLDER residents in Ipswich will be encouraged to become entrepreneurs so they can stay in the workforce longer.

The Federal Government will roll out 20 new entrepreneurship facilitators across the regions over the next four years.

Ipswich, along with central Queensland, Ballina and Tweed, will benefit from the program.

The small business experts will teach mature-age people how to start and maintain sustainable businesses.

The Federal Government has set aside $2.7 million in the 2018-19 financial year for the project.

A further $15 million will fund the program until June of 2022.

The government has also committed to continuing the Job Change project that assists mature-age workers to remain in the workforce as retirement and pension ages creep upwards.

Cash splashed to fix Ipswich's congested highway
United States Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet from VFA-102 Squadron takes off from RAAF Base Amberley, with an RAAF C-17 Globemaster flying in circuit. The Squadron is normally based on the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.SGT Peter Borys

Amberley cashes in on Defence spending

RAAF Base Amberley will take a share in millions of dollars in upgrades in the Defence portfolio.

A new Air Traffic Control Radar will be installed at Amberley as part of an estimated $96 million investment in new technology across several bases.

Working accommodation, maintenance, warehousing and training facilities will be built to support the introduction of the Growler Airborne Electronic Attack Capability aircraft.

The project is scheduled for completion by early 2021.

A C-17 maintenance facility, aircraft apron and associated infrastructure will also be constructed.

It is scheduled for completion by early 2019.


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Australia’s largest solar farm planned near Ipswich



Australia's largest solar farm planned near Ipswich

Somerset already hosts a number of energy projects including hydroelectric plants at Wivenhoe Dam and Splityard Creek Dam.Contributed

AUSTRALIA’S largest solar farm has been proposed for a rural site near Ipswich.

The proposed plant, east of Harlin along the D’Aguilar Highway, would have final capacity of 1,500 megawatts, six times larger than its closest rival.

Plans include two substations and the capacity to hire to 60 people.

The Sunraysia solar farm in NSW is Australia’s largest under construction, at 250 megawatts.

Other Australian solar farms of up to 1,000 megawatts have been proposed.

Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann said it was a complex development application from Ethos Urban planning consultants.

The company has been involved in other large infrastructure projects throughout Australia, on behalf of Sunshine Energy Australia Pty Ltd.

“We understand the attractions of the site include its proximity to the existing high voltage power network and proximity to Brisbane,” Cr Lehmann said.

“The site has been largely cleared in the past and is within one hour of the 570 MW pumped storage hydroelectric plant at Splityard Creek which is also in the Somerset Regional Council area.

“The development application includes two substations, facilities for up to 60 employees and provision for battery storage.”

“The application has been referred to various government departments and agencies for their input and we will carefully assess it against our planning scheme like any other proposal.”

Somerset Regional Council is reviewing the application.


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Education City link approved by Ipswich Council



Education City link approved by Ipswich Council

A FOOTPATH that will link Springfield’s Education City to the Robelle Domain Parklands in Springfield Central has been approved by Ipswich City Council.

Plans were lodged by Springfield Land Corporation on February 2 this year and first approved on February 26.

However Ipswich City Council did not approve the use of Hoop Pines to landscape the pathway.

After some negotiating a new decision notice was issued on April 9 with the condition stipulating that Hoop Pines were not to be used deleted.

The land where the pathway is being constructed is lot 810 Sinnathamby Boulevard, Springfield Central.

Described as an open space boulevard pathway, the public concrete path and associated landscaping work has been approved in full subject to conditions.

Footpath lighting is to be installed, and a spotter catcher is to be engaged to supervise vegetation removal and ensure any native fauna including native bees are identified and relocated.

The spotter catcher is to submit a report before and after vegetation clearing works are undertaken detailing what wildlife has been identified and preventative and remedial actions taken to ensure animal safety.


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