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Start-ups in Ipswich get some help to reach the world and boost employment



Ms Mark tests Fountx's wearable technology.

With stagnating employment opportunities, Ipswich, west of Brisbane, is looking for export opportunities in new industries.

Queensland’s first region-specific Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) officer has been appointed to the city.

One of the first companies to benefit has been Springfield-based Fountx, which will showcase its cutting-edge wearable technology to potential investors in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates in the coming weeks.

Its hands-free system uses a helmet-mounted camera and a near-eye display to allow aviation technicians to interact with remotely-located experts in real time.

General manager Laurence Beraldo said it could potentially enable more timely repairs of grounded aircraft, because it removes the need for specialists to travel.

Fountx staff test the company's camera technology.

“What really has helped us is having a TIQ office in the area — it has enabled us to open new doors,” he said.

The company’s taken on a number of staff who live in the region and were trained at local universities.

While unemployment has dropped in the surrounding cities of Brisbane, Toowoomba, Logan and Beaudesert, Ipswich’s jobless rate of 7.6 per cent is the highest in south-east Queensland, and the fourth-highest in the state.

Principal Trade and Investment Officer Julie Mark is already working with more than 80 businesses in the region and believes Ipswich and its surrounds have a strong exporting future.

“A lot of what I am doing is facilitating opportunities and letting them know what is out there and how to increase their productivity to grow their business by exporting,” Ms Mark said.

“Asia is a highlight, there are a lot of opportunities in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and also the Middle East, so the United Arab Emirates.”

While Ms Mark will also work with businesses in the Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley and Somerset regions, there is a focus on Ipswich, which has a strong manufacturing history.

She said Ipswich’s proximity to Brisbane and population growth are good indicators for future trade.

“It is really attractive for businesses to relocate here, so we are finding that it is really growing,” she said.

“A lot of young start-ups are coming in, and it has been good to be able to see the innovation and the thinking behind starting up in Ipswich and how they are doing some really good things.”


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Market Place

Rush to spend big in Greater Springfield



Rush to spend big in Greater Springfield

PREMIUM properties across Greater Springfield are in such high demand that local real estate agents are being inundated with offers at an unprecedented rate.

And if the recent sale of 12 Foreshore Drive is anything to go by, it looks to be a seller’s market.

McGrath principal Tracey Caruana sold the Springfield Lakes home in November for $742,000 netting the seller close to a $100,000 profit. They bought the two-storey, four-bedder in 2015 for $650,000.

Local real estate agents are creating waiting lists for premium house hunters in the Springfield area.

The median sale price for four-bedroom homes in Springfield Lakes is $465,000.

Ms Caruana has sold homes in the area for 12 years, and said selling a house for more than $700,000 used to be “a hard slog”.

This one had four multiple offers after its first open home.

“I’ve never seen this before,” Ms Caruana said.

“We don’t normally see this type of interest in the high end market of Springfield and Springfield Lakes, but we are finding that more people are interested in these type of large executive-style homes.”

She credited the sale to the “superior fixtures” and “wow factor” of the two-storey Plantation Home situated on a 576 sqm block.

12 Foreshore Drive, Springfield Lakes sold for a record breaking price of $742,000. IMAGE: AAP/Renae Droop

With a chef’s kitchen, butler’s pantry, fingerprint security technology, solar panels and solar hot water, the home was marketed as having “everything you need”.

Ms Caruana said the local supply of high-end properties was not keeping up with demand.

“We have a waiting list of people wanting premium, high end properties,” she said.

“I’m seeing people pounce on anything over $700,000 as soon as it goes on the market.

“It never used to be that way. You’d sit at an open home just watching the sky.”

She credited an influx of executives and families wanting larger block sizes for the bolstered interest in larger, more expensive properties.

Movement in the Augustine Heights market was also contributing.

“They want space for a trampoline and a swing set in the backyard which you can’t do with a 300 sqm block,” she said.

Ms Caruana said interest in the top end would help increase property values across the board. “The upper end drives the rest of the market,” she said.

“If the upper end moves up it pulls the rest of the market up. It’s a significant change, but definitely a positive one.

“If the trend continues at the current rate and the current interest remains, then I would at least expect­ to see continual growth across Greater Springfield.”

The sale of an Augustine Heights property that was only on the market for one day took the record for the speediest sale of 2017.

Brookwater Residential agent Irena Marasea secured the $900,000 December sale. It even inspired her to have ‘sold in one day’ stickers created. Ms Marasea holds the $1.4 million price record for Brookwater set in 2016.

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Ipswich Mall ready for re-construction



Ipswich Mall ready for re-construction
IT’S the year of rebuilding the Ipswich Mall.

The wrecking ball and dozers moved into the derelict site mid last year, demolishing what used to be the heart of the city, ready for a fresh new look to begin evolving in 2018.

The new Ipswich City Council administration building, the future food and beverage precinct and parts of Murphy’s Pub are all ready for re-construction to begin in the first part of the year.

Murphy’s Pub in Union Place has been deconstructed in consultation with heritage experts, with all non-original elements removed and all historically-significant elements either on-site or in storage ahead of restoration.

Expressions of Interest for the rebuilding project have now been received and it is anticipated that the tenders will be advised shortly.

Work has also been completed to restore the Bremer St footpath with pedestrian access now available.

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$900,000 Ipswich home sets record with speed of sale



$900,000 Ipswich home sets record with speed of sale
QUICK SALE: A property at Augustine Heights sold by Brookwater Residential agent Irena Marasea spent one day on the market.

AN AUGUSTINE Heights home has been snapped up by eager buyers for $900,000 just one day after it was put on the market.

The sale of the five bedroom, three-bathroom home is believed to be the quickest in the area.

It was also another feather in the cap of Brookwater Residential agent, Irena Marasea.


  • Suburb shaping up as Ipswich’s fast food capital

Ms Marasea, who last year set the price record with a $1.4 million sale in Brookwater, attributed the fast sale to the depth of her buyer database.

With a second kitchenette and an additional double garage, Ms Marasea said it was a unique property that appealed to a certain couple.

“These buyers had a particular requirement and this house really ticked all of their boxes,” she said.

The sale of the home was a straight-forward one.

“I met with the owners and they wanted to see what I thought of their property,” she said.

“They were surprised and taken back at the value of the appraisal I’d given them.”


The home, with five bedrooms and three bathrooms sold for $900,000.

The home, with five bedrooms and three bathrooms sold for $900,000.

The home was put on the market and within one day the buyers, Victoria and Ian, had fallen in love with it.

“I could just see that these buyers, it was for them, I knew they would like it – their lifestyle would fit,” Ms Marasea said.

“It was a really nice sale for all parties.”

The couple had spent about eight months with Ms Marasea searching for the right property.

She believes by understanding the couple’s ideas and wishes, the sale was completed quickly and easily.

Ms Marasea has worked as a real estate agent in the area for about 10 years.

She recalls the days when about five cars used the Centenary Motorway, a far cry from the bustling metropolis the Greater Springfield region is becoming.

With last year’s $1.4 million Brookwater sale, Ms Marasea predicts the region will continue growing.

“I think definitely in a positive direction, people love the idea of living there,” she said.

“You’ve got lots of beautiful houses with swimming pools, lots of land available.”

Her record-breaking time on the market led Ms Marasea to create ‘sold in one day’ stickers.

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