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Weapons testing range to form part of Ipswich’s tank-building coup



Weapons testing range to form part of Ipswich's tank-building coup

A Rheinmetall military vehicle plant in the Netherlands very similar to one to be built at Redbank in Ipswich. Photo: Rheinmetall

A live weapons testing range, the latest high-tech security, an all-weather vehicle test track and specialty laser-testing equipment will all be in place when Australia’s latest centre for military vehicles opens at the Redbank Industrial Estate in 2020.

Small and medium gauge ammunition and explosives will be stored at a purpose-built armoury on the site and fire treatment facilities will be the very latest, because of the high threat of fire at a military complex.

The weapons testing range is to test and adjust the 30-millimetre cannon and machinegun equipped to new Boxer CRV armoured vehicles manufactured by Rheinmetall, which on Wednesday won a $5 billion defence contract from the Australian government.

The development application for the project contains a special report on risks and hazards for the site on Robert Smith Drive at Redbank, including the high risk of fire.

“There is considerable risk to firefighters in the event of a fire in a magazine,” this safety report notes.

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Education City link approved by Ipswich Council



Education City link approved by Ipswich Council

A FOOTPATH that will link Springfield’s Education City to the Robelle Domain Parklands in Springfield Central has been approved by Ipswich City Council.

Plans were lodged by Springfield Land Corporation on February 2 this year and first approved on February 26.

However Ipswich City Council did not approve the use of Hoop Pines to landscape the pathway.

After some negotiating a new decision notice was issued on April 9 with the condition stipulating that Hoop Pines were not to be used deleted.

The land where the pathway is being constructed is lot 810 Sinnathamby Boulevard, Springfield Central.

Described as an open space boulevard pathway, the public concrete path and associated landscaping work has been approved in full subject to conditions.

Footpath lighting is to be installed, and a spotter catcher is to be engaged to supervise vegetation removal and ensure any native fauna including native bees are identified and relocated.

The spotter catcher is to submit a report before and after vegetation clearing works are undertaken detailing what wildlife has been identified and preventative and remedial actions taken to ensure animal safety.


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The 12 Ipswich suburbs first in line for faster NBN



The 12 Ipswich suburbs first in line for faster NBN

NEXT month residents in five Ipswich suburbs will be connected to faster internet as the NBN Co rolls out its new technology.

This week it was announced NBN Co would install Fibre-to-the-Curb technology to deliver high-speed broadband at a low cost.

About 440,000 homes and businesses around Australia will receive the new technology with 1.5 million expected to be connected by 2020.

In Ipswich, the first area to be connected will be Deebing Heights which should have access by mid-May.

Barellan Point, Chuwar, Karalee and North Tivoli will follow soon after.

Then in June the rollout will continue to Amberley and Willowbank.

Residents in Flinders View, Raceview and Blackstone should have access by September with North Ipswich scheduled to be connected by October and Booval in November.

An NBN spokesperson said the FTTC technology would deliver improved internet speeds, although actual speeds will depend on internet service providers and individual’s plans.

“Delivering FTTC enables NBN to deliver high-speed broadband at lower cost and with far less inconvenience to residents than if we were building a Fibre-to-the-Premises connection,” the spokesperson said.

“NBN is aiming for FTTC to deliver the smoothest possible on-boarding to the NBN network for end-users as well as a great experience once they are online.”

Who’s first

Deebing Heights: May

Barellan Point: May

Chuwar: May

Karalee: May

North Tivoli: May

Amberley: June

Willowbank: June

Flinders View: September

Raceview: September

Blackstone: September

North Ipswich: October

Booval: November

Fibre-to-the-Curb explained

An FTTC connection is used in circumstances where fibre is extended close to your premises, connecting to a small Distribution Point Unit (DPU), generally located inside a pit on the street.

From here, the existing copper network is connected to the fibre to form the final NBN connection.

To power your FTTC service with electricity and provide your connection to the NBN broadband access network, an FTTC NBN connection device will be required inside your home or business.

In some cases, you may be eligible to perform self-installation of the NBN connection device.


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Developer demands extension to Ipswich rail line



Developer demands extension to Ipswich rail line

RIPLEY residents need access to effective and affordable transport, sooner rather than later.

That’s the message from Sekisui House the developers of major residential precinct Ecco Ripley who have joined calls from civic leaders for work to start on Ipswich’s rail line expansion now.

The Labor State Government maintains it will build the promised extensions to the rail network, including two new stations at Ripley; Ripley North and Ripley Town Centre.

No date has been set and no budget allocated, however, the land for a future passenger line has been preserved since 2009.

Ripley is among the fastest growing suburbs in the state and in 2013 was designated by the State Government as a priority area for development, destined to be home to 120,000 people in the next 20 years.

Ripley Town Centre development manager Taku Hashimoto said Ripley and the surrounding area was on the cusp of some of the most significant projected population growth in Queensland and even Australia.

“The corridor between Ipswich and Springfield is already experiencing a rapid pace of growth and that will only continue well into the future, so this will require a focus on public transport solutions, including rail transport, in a timely manner,” said Mr Hashimoto.

“The Queensland Government has specifically highlighted the Ripley region as a Priority Development Area (PDA) and is forecasting an ultimate population of 120,000 people over next 20 years.

“Early provision of rail line service in this area is critical to support the growth agenda in the Ripley region.

“As the Ecco Ripley community continues to develop, and as future stages of Ripley Town Centre come to fruition, we want the community to have affordable transport choices that improve people’s access to services, employment and avoid social isolation, particularly for youth, seniors and other non-drivers.”

According to Ipswich City Council’s annual planning and development report, the top five areas for residential development in 2017 included Springfield Lakes, South Ripley, Ripley and Bellbird Park where a total of 1229 new homes were built.

Those suburbs also rank in the council’s top five suburbs for new lots created and new lots approved.

In 2020, two new schools will open in the Ripley Valley, according to a Labor election promise, catering for population growth. A third school will be built in Springfield.

But the corresponding transport infrastructure has not been prioritised by the State Government which says the extensions to the rail line, including adding stations at Ripley, Flagstone and Redbank Plains, won’t be built until after 2024, once the inner city Cross River Rail project has been finished.

Already more than 500 homes have been built in the Ecco Ripley community.

Last year, 183 new homes were built in Ripley housing 545 people, according to Ipswich City Council’s Planning and Development Annual Report Card. A further 301 homes were built in South Ripley, housing 956 people.

The $1.5billion Ripley Town Centre will be the beating heart of the $500 million Ecco Ripley community.

Developer Sekisui House has proposed to build a state-of-the-art transit hub in its town centre.

Without a shift in government long-term planning, that won’t include a rail line until 2031.

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