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Why the punters are heading west to Walloon




REDBANK Plains is going gangbusters and Walloon is emerging as a destination of choice.

Those two residential hotspots in the city’s east and west are revealed by Ipswich City Council’s latest planning and development quarterly activity report.

Redbank Plains had 396 people move into it in the March quarter.

That was followed by 371 people, making Springfield Lakes home and 141 moving into Bellbird Park as the city’s east continues to be the boom area.

Redbank Plains also had the most lots approved in the quarter with 163 and Walloon second on 93, with 1582 people moving to Ipswich in the quarter bringing Ipswich’s population to 201,594.

The council’s planning boss, Cr Andrew Antoniolli, said areas like Springfield Lakes, Redbank Plains, Bellbird Park, Ripley Valley, Silkstone, Brassall and Walloon “offer affordable housing and quality infrastructure that appeal to young families, first home buyers and investors”.

“Redbank Plains got itself ready very quickly in respect to land but I would expect it to start slowing (in growth) shortly and you will see South Ripley, Ripley and Springfield start to take over,” he said.

“An area that is continuing to remain on our radar, and a lot of people would be unaware of this, is the attraction of the Walloon area.

“Walloon offers something different to the fast-paced suburbs. It is that area from really large lot rural residential to modest-sized blocks that offer that country appeal.

“Some people don’t find the idea of living in suburbia and master-planned communities like Springfield as appealing as the country landscape.

“Walloon is a growth corridor, much to David Pahlke’s pleasure.”

Cr Antoniolli said that while Walloon would not be a big engine room with respect to development, it would be sustainable into the future.

“That area between Walloon and Rosewood will see an increase in population over the next 30-odd years in something of the order of 40,000,” he said.

“So it is a significant growth corridor, and the main reason for that is that it is along the railway line which can take you straight into Brisbane.

Council’s activity report showed a 3.16 per cent equivalent annual population growth rate in Ipswich between December 2016 and March 31 this year.

“During the March quarter, council approved 1374 new residential lots,” Cr Antoniolli said.

“This compares to 724 for the December quarter and 459 for the same quarter last year.

“Comparatively, 231 lots were approved in the March 2012 quarter so that shows you how Ipswich is evolving as a city.”


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Affordability has underpinned growing demand for new land in the Ipswich corridor



Affordability has underpinned growing demand for new land in the Ipswich corridor

Providence at Ripley Valley Source: Supplied

AFFORDABILITY has underpinned growing demand for new land in Ipswich with developer AMEX Corporation releasing more lots.

Affordability has underpinned growing demand for new land in Ipswich with developer AMEX Corporation releasing more lots.

As a result of the continued strength of the Ipswich land market, the group has released a new stage in its Horizons precinct of the Providence South Ripley master-planned community.

The eight lots are priced from $200,700 and range in size from 350sq m to 448sq m.

Providence project director Michael Khan said their confidence in the area was backed by research by Oliver Hume, which revealed the Ipswich local government area had the strongest growth of any market in southeast Queensland for new land.

In the three months to the end of September, Ipswich’s average price for the new land was up 3 per cent compared with the June quarter to an average of $198,950.

The number of new land sales increased during the quarter by 25 per cent with a total of 637 sales.

Providence at Ripley valley Source: Supplied

Providence at Ripley valley Source: Supplied

Mr Khan said the relative affordability of the Ipswich and Ripley Valley area, particularly when compared to interstate markets, continued to drive demand for new land in the area.

“Value for money remains one of the most important factors for buyers and maximising every dollar when it comes to the location and access to amenities is extremely important,” he said.

The latest release in Horizon is close to the planned town centre area and district park.

The entire Horizon precinct has 280 lots, two parks, the planned Providence Town Centre and a future Prep to Year 12 school.

The $60 million Horizon precinct sits within the $1.2 billion Providence project which is a masterplanned community in the Ripley Valley growth corridor.

Oliver Hume Queensland general manager Matt Barr said the Ripley Valley was popular because it was close to major job nodes in Ipswich, Amberley and Springfield.

He said during the next decade hundreds of people would move into the area every month and he tipped that to continue for some time.

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COSTCO: Work starts at Ipswich site, sparking jobs boom



ipswich development

Work has started on the Costco site in Bundamba.Rob Williams

THIS time next year Ipswich families could be dressing their Christmas tables at Costco.

Work has started to prepare the site for the new store at Bundamba but the first customers won’t be able to fill their oversize trollies until late 2018.

It is expected Ipswich families will be able to shop at the new Costco store by next Christmas which means there might be some foreign festive surprises on tables.

The good folks at Costco are responsible for importing fun and quirky stock into the country to dress festive tables like they do in America.

A six-foot high Santa or nutracker, 160 tins of cookies, bulk gingerbread and a five-pack of whole turkeys are available to buy overseas.

Costco Managing Director Patrick Noone said the warehouse would stock all the latest products from the US, including seasonal items such as Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Costco’s North Lakes store opened in 2014, bringing more competition to market and driving down prices, most notably in the fuel sector.

This is commonly referred to as “the Costco effect” which has been clearly displayed at the North Lakes store.

“We will have the lowest prices and it’s up to others to compete with that,” Mr Noone said.

Costco will offer two types of membership: Business, worth $55 and Gold Star, worth $60.

Business members qualify by owning or operating a business while Gold Star membership is available to individuals.

The store will be open seven days a week.

The massive site, opposite the Puma travel centre, will cover 13,750 sq m – the equivalent of two football fields – and create 280 permanent jobs.

The on-site petrol station will include 24 bowers with 825 car parking spaces for the main warehouse.

Construction will take about eight months and create another 80 jobs.

What’s in the Costco Christmas aisle

  • Popcorn and fruit themed gift baskets
  • Seven-and-a-half, nine, and 12-foot high Christmas trees
  • Toys and puzzles
  • Fresh-cut holly wreaths
  • Nativity scenes
  • Light-up teddy bears
  • D’Artagnans Duck Magret Breast and Duck Leg Confit
Industrial site at Bundamba where a new Costco will be built.
Industrial site at Bundamba where a new Costco will be built.Sarah Marshall

Grocery and food giants descending on Ipswich

IPSWICH consumers in the mood to buy and to eat are in luck.

New shopping centres and stores are popping up all over the city while international brands take their pick of sites in what is shaping up to be a battle of the retail giants.

A Coles supermarket and 12 speciality shops will be added to Woolworths in Karalee Shopping Centre in the new year.

When complete, the new-look centre will double the size of the suburban hotspot.

On the other side of town, American burger chain Carl’s Jr Burger are setting up their grills on Brisbane St at West Ipswich while on the next block, a private developer is building a seafood takeaway shop.

West Ipswich isn’t the only Carl’s Jr Burger coming to town with another being set up beside Krispy Kreme Donuts at Redbank Plains in the coming months.

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Avid Property’s Mini-Lots Keep The Tempo For Home Ownership




Avid Property Group’s latest house and land offerings claim to be the innovative solution to ensuring the ‘great Australian dream’ still lives on.

The company’s ‘Tempo’ offerings were made available at AVID’s Brentwood Forest community in Queensland and Savana in Victoria, and are built on freehold lots as small as 150 square metres.

Tempo homes are the smallest lots possible within the Ipswich LGA planning scheme and were built in a variety of configurations to add diversity the streetscape.

AVID Property Group General Manager Queensland Bruce Harper said Tempo homes were the result of collaboration with leading designers to offer homes architecturally designed to maximise small lots.

“The Tempo range is satisfying the desires of both apartment and house hunters with affordable, easy to maintain properties, which still benefit from the capital appreciation enjoyed by freehold houses,” Mr Harper said.

“Tempo homes really fill a gap in the market for people who still want to own their own home at an affordable price but don’t want to buy into the sort of community title arrangement of attached housing.

“Tempo homes have been particularly popular with first home buyers or down-sizers, and suit people who are looking for an easy to maintain home without the hassle of lots of yard maintenance.”

While national house prices increased nearly 20% over the last five years, household incomes rose by just 9.2%, putting the attainability of home ownership in question for a growing number of Australians.

Mr Harper said he’s seen quarter acre blocks (1,000 square metres) become virtually extinct over the past 40 years in the industry, and even lots half that size become far less common.

“We are now seeing some lots as small as 50 square metres, and some attached terrace apartment buildings with frontages are small as 6.5 metres, and this is not only happening for inner city developments,” he said.

“Developers are increasingly responding to changes to more complex local council planning laws with small block options and fixed price house and land packages.

“Skillful designs are needed to produce small lot homes that are attractive, sustainable and affordable, and affordable does not have to mean a downgraded lifestyle.

“This comes down to clever design that maximises natural airflow, light and utilises clever storage options.

“High ceilings create a sense of space and encourage ventilation and the use of light materials not only make a room feel bigger, but also minimise the carbon footprint of the homes and reduce their thermal load.”


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